Learning Quiet Your Mind

So often you may asked the question “how do I stop my mind from racing” the reality is it takes time and it take some selfishness on your part. First things first, cut yourself some slack. You are not a monk or a yoga guru who has been practicing stillness for 20 plus years. You are a woman who is responsible for a boat load of stuff and you use your brain to get those things done and now you want to stop. Let me say this kudos to you for making the right step in right direction.

Let's start here, we will explore some of the things that you are already doing and implement a little bit of mindfulness in these moments.

For me my bathroom is my personal office and personal spa ( at the same time). I know many of us share the same feeling. How about for the next week when you are in the bathroom completing your daily task you try to implement these small things to quiet your mind.

  • Add essential oils to your bath water. Essential oils have many benefits. They also assist with healing in particular areas in your body. But at this point let just start with your preference and use something that you simply enjoy smelling. Place a couple drops into your bath water and sit while focusing on the smell that is coming from the water. When you feel you mind start to drift focus back to the smell that coming from the water.

  • Take slow, deep breaths while sitting in the tub and remember to stay focus on the smell.

  • Make your goal one time per week, and as the week goes on try to see if you can do it more often.

  • Be sure to pay attention to how you feel once you have finished you bath.

  • When you are finish pay attention to how you are feelin and less on ege.S

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