Ladies Of Verity

Ladies of Verity came about 10 years ago when I felt an overwhelming desire to want to bring empowerment, sisterhood and support amongst women. For so long I had been conditioned to believed that women couldn't work together in a positive way, with no definite reason on why we couldn't. So I decided to start Ladies Of Verity Organization. We met monthly, had events, traveled, participated in Philanthropy and worked on becoming positive role model in our communities for young girls. I must say things were great. We continued to exist for 6 to 7 years.

And then the light bulb came on for me. I struggled with peoples continuing to commitment to the organization and the lack of participation from some of the members. We experienced some unfortunate events that caused me to second guess if I had the time or the patience to continue with the organization at all. And then loud and clear the universe allowed me to see that I was experiencing the same behaviors that I was trying to help other overcome. I was doubtful, I was not empowered and I didnt believe in myself. I had created an environment where I would feel most comfortable. I had a group of women around me everytime I choose to give back to the community or host an event. And in the moment I realized that I DIDN'T BELIEVE that I had the strength or the know how to run my own organization. I struggled with the realization and tried to finds ways that would contradict what I wanted to believe was true. It took time but I had to have a "come to Jesus' with myself and expose me for who I was. I had placed expectations of others that I didn't have a authority to do. It was not their responsible to follow through with my purpose it was mine. I must admit this was a hard revelation and I was not the ready to accept.

I decided to put Ladies of Verity down and focus on my family and career, and if it was meant to be it would. Year 7 and 8 I did little things and participated in philanthropy opportunities often. I was more discrete about how I was moving and what I wanted the world to see. Because this time is was personal it was my Verity and I had to allow myself to go through the process so that I could Discover Verity.

Year 9 I had it figured out. I knew exactly how I would present Ladies Of Verity to the world and ready to step out and make it happen. I had conversations with people close to me who were extremely supportive and gave me all the encouraging words that I needed. But then FEAR set in, and I decided to hold back. I looked around me and so many people in my geographical area shared my mission now. Doubt make me believe that there wasn’t a lane for us and that we were outdated and couldn't receive the response that we once did.

And yet again the universe spoke to me and said “they are not you”. I decided to take my time and examine how things would be this time around. What I wanted for Ladies Of Verity and how it could be to fruition. The relaunching would be a process slowly examined, every details being looked at and set in place with the intentions or reaching women and doing it in a classy, tasteful way. Deleting the walls that I had placed around myself that hindered me from experience life. Making a couscous decision to experience Verity. We welcome you.

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