Slow Down

As women we often have many things to accomplish within our 24 hours. We awake each day with a fresh start to attempt to accomplish everything we have listed on our to do list. When we reach the end of the day and we realize the things we were able to accomplish we get butterflies in our belly that makes us feel that we have accomplished the impossible.

Have you ever asked yourself “why do I feel like Im forgetting something”? Often we get so caught up in the details of getting things done we missed the opperunity to experience life and love at its purest state. While driving the kids to school how awesome what it be if you turned your cell phone off along with the radio participated in uninterrupted conversation with your child. While returning to your car after walking the kids into the school building, look at the trees that you are walking by and examine the color of the leaves.

I had an experience after losing someone close to me. I had jumped in the role as caretaker for her children after her passing, and it was quite an ordeal. Between running my own household and trying to learn how she did what she did for forty years, I was truly running like a chicken with my head cut off. I was unable to focus at work, unable to engage with friends and when I had time with my family most times I was physically present but emotionally check out. One day in the fall I was coming home from work and as a parked my car in my usual parking space I noticed a robin bird sitting on the wall in front of the house. Needles to say it caught my entire attention. Its orange neck was bright and bold and caused me to not look away. I continue into the house and as I started walking up the second flight of steps the bird moved to the side of the house standing as if it was watching me. At that moment I realized I had walked pass this bird for the last week or so, I could understand why I had not paid it attention before today but it felt very familiar to my spirit. For the next three weeks I came and went and everyday the bird was somewhere in sight. Not always being in the same location but always being somewhere near by. I must admit I start looking for this bird and even looked forward to coming home with a change I could get a glimpse of that orange neck. I looked up robins and what they meant. I could help but to think that maybe the universe was speaking to me is such a settle way through the bird.

In that moment I asked myself what else have you been missing. We get so caught up with life, complaining about our jobs, wishing we had more money that we forget just how wonderful the world around us is. As we all know if we leave our interpretation of the world around us to what we see on the nightly news we would never feel fortunate and thankful. Learning to turn our minds off and experience life around us is a beautiful thing. Babies smiling at you while your in line paying for grociers. The changing in the color of the leaves. Looking how to sun comes through the clouds and how the rays feels on your skin. Slow Down and experience life.

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