Start With You

As humans we have more power then we often give ourselves credit. We have the ability to create our destinies and to also change the world around us. Happiness and fulfillment in life is at our fingertips and we often don't realize it. The way that we think, feel and exist daily plays a tremendous role in how we see the world and also how the world sees us. Try waking up every morning being grateful for life, understanding that everything in your life may not be exactly where you want it but be grateful for where you are and what you have. Dwell on the knowing that the universe will work in your favor to bring you the best possible results. Feel gratitude for the possibilities for your life as if it has already been done. Shifting your perspective into a place of gratitude, will enhance your joy and allow for you to see things from a different perspective.

You have a choice to make everyday when you are blessed to open your eyes. The choice is will you allow yourself to simply live. The choice to believe that there is something greater than what you see in front of you and the understanding that 99.9 percent of what happens to you is determined by you.

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