Discovering Verity

Discovering who you are and realizing what you want out of life is something that may take time to truly understand. Society paints a picture of who they think we should be as women. We are influenced by so many outside factors that hinder us from experiencing our true selves. Roles that we play as women such as being mothers, daughters, sisters, wives,girlfriends, professionals and friends can also play a role in hindering us in discovering our truth.

Who we are is not determined by our careers, who we are dating and even who our parents are. Discovering who we are is realizing at this point in your life what you want for yourself. What makes you happy, when are you in the best state of mind? When you are the happiest? When can you be the most free and not worry about the world around you? There is no right or wrong answer for when you discover who you are. I believe it is a process and as life continues the process may change for us a little. However we come back to the core of who we are and that is the element that will sustain us. Remember YOU have been blessed with this life YOU have control over the person you become.

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