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Denae "@Naesofit" Foster


Sports Specific Training, Weight Management, Strength Training

& Virtual Personal Training/Classes 

Denae is a former competitive and nationally ranked mid-distance runner who has found that rope resistance training mimics running on the track.  She brings a determined, but encouraging energy to all of her clients and class attendants. If you have reached a point where you are ready to get healthy contact Denae, and let her work her magic.  

Kia Caldwell Photograph

Zakiyah Caldwell  is a Philadelphia native who began her journey as photographer in 2010. Zakiyah is passionate about her craft, paying close attention to every detail. Being an African American Female Photographer in a male dominate industry has its challenges but Zakiyah continues to thrive and make a positive name for herself. While her love for photography runs deep she is also very passionate about helping the homeless community in her area. 


Niche’ Clement is the owner of Che’Natural a mother, wife and Penn State graduate. Her major in Business Marketing & Management and being a Licensed Cosmetologist provided her with tools to launch Che’Natural,

organic hair products. 



Single Mom is a non profit organization who support single mothers with reaching their goals. Single Moms scholarship fund is a the main component of the organization providing mothers with scholarship to support them while continuing their education.

Due to the emotional toll of living life with an absent father, Tahauya embarked on a journey of self-healing after becoming a single mother, suffering from depression, identity issues and experiencing numerous failed relationships. Mended Pieces was created as a safe place of grace to help fatherless daughters reveal their pain, heal their heart and fulfill their purpose. With over 28 years of experience as a fatherless daughter, Tahauya helps other women take the mask off, heal within, overcome the brokenness and emerge into a lifetime of happiness.

Janell Carter is a phenomenal real estate agent in the Tri-State area. Janell is a graduate of Temple University, Fox School of Business Management and a graduate student of Rosemont College, where she received an MBA. Janell has a proven track record of successfully guiding local and state wide clients with real estate acquisitions, asset dispositions and leasing negotiation. 

Janells most importance job is being a mom to her beautiful twin daughters. Janell has a passion to improve the quality of life for children and families which she does by volunteering and also assisting women with becoming home owners. Janell has overcome adversity in her life, which has given her the drive to stay motivated while always empowering her clients and business partners to do the same. 

DaVita Garfield I.png

 By way of purpose, DaVita helps solopreneurs and small businesses implement simple but game-changing systems to streamline their processes to create flexibility, cash flow and life freedom. Her business, empoWermentNOW offers 1-on-1, group and corporate consulting and coaching to help her clients create systems for growth. 

DaVita’s journey to purpose is credited to the many life experiences and obstacles she has overcome in her life including being a two-time brain tumor survivor. Her experiences have shown her that she can push through any life-challenge to reach her goals and through her work, she encourages and supports other women as they do the same. 

DaVita is the mother of an amazing 14-year-old girl, Aniah Rose; the author of Tell the Whole Story: Embrace Your Journey to be Amazing on Purpose and she released her first yearly planner, Achieving your Amazing Goals Planner: 2018 edition. 

Meet Elisabeth Munabo-Sanders, a Cameroonian native raised in Dallas, Texas. Elisabeth was professionally trained at Paul Mitchell the school Dallas where she mastered the field of cosmetology. Born with a vehement infatuation for hair and makeup, Liz’s calling became apparent when she was 5 years old as she started going on monthly hair braiding appointments. Every time she arrived home she was eager to braid the hair of every living thing in the house, until her parents were forced to buy her dolls to practice on. Elisabeth has been exploring the beauty industry since she was 11 years old. The young artist started off as her older sisters’ personal hairstylist and makeup artist in which she has now amplified her skills to the talented and versatile artist that she prepared herself to be. Since then, her passion for the beauty industry grew into not only a hobby but into her desired career field. 


When Elisabeth was 14, she decided she would pursue beauty school after her high school graduation but was discouraged by being told that the beauty industry was not a steady industry. One negative thought changed Liz’s life plans leading her attempts to pursue the medical field. Elisabeth never regretted anything in her life as much as she did adhering to that advice. After many stumbling blocks, she has finally decided to be faithful to her talent, love and gift so that she could chase her dreams of achieving every goal she ever imagined in the beauty industry. Liz is now a make-up artist, hairstylist, and an aspiring photographer with plans to take advantage of all her opportunities of accomplishing every venture her heart desires in the creative business world. 

Elisabeth has worked as a freelance makeup artist on many occasions with the majority being for photo-shoots, bridal parties, as well as a ministry organization in which she is affiliated with called Woman of Purpose. She has been blessed enough to work with popular women in ministry such as Heather Lindsey, Queen Smith, and Amanda Arismendy. Liz has obtained a reputation for her signature before and after shots of her hair and makeup clients as well as having the most impeccable customer service and professionalism imaginable. 


"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending..." A quote by Maria Robinson is a famous quote that Elisabeth uses each day to motivate herself. Just because life comes with many obstacles that may seem like a road block does not mean that life stops, it only means you must work harder to make your life’s purpose bloom. Everything happens for reason, and each individual decides on their own success. Elisabeth plans to touch the lives of her clients by bringing out their confidence. Every woman is beautiful, but the problem is some women don’t feel it. Her purpose is to physically enhance the lives of her clients by giving them an outer appearance that matches their inner beauty. When you look beautiful, you feel it and you exude confidence, and that alone can change one’s life. Look out world, there is a star on the rise and she plans to change the lives of every person she lays hands on, and her name is Elisabeth Munabo-Sanders.

I’m a mom of 2 girls, 4 & 1!
I love the outdoors, self development, podcasts and the gym! Outside of that fun stuff, you can find me in a coffee shop, in my home office or somewhere in nature working on The Mom Boss Method. 
Here’s a backstory from before The Mom Boss Method was born. 
 For 5 years, I was working side hustle after side hustle trying to find what felt RIGHT! I’d known since high school that I didn’t want the “typical” lifestyle! 9-5 just didn’t sit well with me. I had always wanted to inspire and empower everyone I meet and it just so happened to come naturally! That being said, my multiple business attempts may have “failed”, but the relationships and connections I made were something I would always hold onto. 
1.5 years ago, I was let go from my dead end office job while 6 months pregnant with my second child and was FORCED to get uncomfortable and find something new! This was it, I knew it. My chance to do something bigger. My chance to impact others lives and make myself and my family proud! With a lot of soul searching and networking, it clicked that I was meant to mentor women just like myself! Fast forward to today, I’m building a community of ambitious moms & empowering them to do the same- MAKE AN IMPACT through their chosen business! 
Being a mompreneur isn’t an EASY gig but it’s hella rewarding! 

Chelsi Reid
Life Coach for Ambitious Moms


A’lonieBeauty was created by Arkeyvia Hall Mom of 2 daughters, A College Freshman and A energetic little Diva. A’lonieBeauty is here to encourage, motivate ,inspire and support. No matter Size ,Age,Color or Race.

True Beauty starts from within us First.  In a world where being kind and caring cost nothing but it’s the hardest to do. In a world where social media makes you feel you have to be and look like someone you are not. 

A’lonieBeauty is here to change that,with tips, tool,and sources to give so you can be who you truly are. A’lonieBeauty Quotes don’t stop because you are different keep going because you are different. Beauty isn’t just your look it’s a passion, a talent, a love ,a fight a drive , it’s what define you and makes you who you truly are. Let A’lonieBeauty help and encourage you to see your true Beauty for Your Own Life...


The crowd waited in excited anticipation to finally hear the winner of the

Women In Business Pageant 2017 called: Charlotte Robinson!

The event that took place July 7, 2017 & July 8, 2017, in Clearwater, Florida, at Fort Harrison Hotel, highlighted women doing amazing things as entrepreneurs.

The Women in Business Pageant was created to empower Women Entrepreneurs, all the ability to have their company promoted, and give them the opportunity to network with like-minded Women. Although I had already started my company the winning of the competition really lit a fire under me to move forward and focus more on my dreams.

“Winning the pageant meant overcoming adversity and becoming a winner. I have beat cancer, domestic abuse, and single motherhood, Charlotte Robinson so eloquently states.”

Charlotte, a native of New Jersey who currently lives in Newark, DE, is the Owner of A Design By Diva and has been sewing for the past 10 years.

The mission of a Design By Diva is that “we focus on all types of people. We believe that a person should be able to dress, look and act sexy regardless of size. We plan to help accent the features that you have with the look that you love.” A Design By Diva features designs that are specifically catered to women. In the future, she plans to expand her brand to include clothing for male patrons, as well as, a jewelry line.

Conquering many of my goals and aspirations later in life has lead me to launch a blog Diva2DivaTalks that is bridging the gap for women of a seasoned age that need and want a sister’s keeper.  As we enter different phases of our lives at different ages it's always good to know that someone, somewhere has your back and can stand up in it with you when and how you need it!

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