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Ladies of Verity was established in summer 2008 by two longtime friends who had the desire to help women be successful in life. Ladies of Verity embraces a unique approach to help women reach their goals. From the stay at home mom, who wants to learn how to take time for herself, to the woman looking to return to school and receive a degree.

 Ladies of Verity can help guide you along the way. We have statically built collaborative relationships with various resources to provide you with insight in all areas of your life.

My name is Marie and I am the Founder of Ladies of Verity. In 2008 we decided that we would start an organization to empower women and help them be their best "self". Over the years I have battles with anxiety and depression. I often struggled with balancing everyday responsibilities family, career and community and put my needs, goals and desires on the back burner. Over time I realized that the only thing that was standing in the way of me becoming the woman

I desired to be was "ME". 

I welcome you to experience Ladies of Verity.