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What We Do 

Ladies of Verity is tribe curated for women, that normalizes 

self-care and selfishness. 

We intentionally cultivate healing retreat spaces to assist women with learning to live life in balance. 

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My Why

 I woke up one morning I had a beautiful family, a career a college degree, stamps on my passport and to some, the perception may have been I had the " perfect life". Truth was that was far from my reality and I was totally lost. I spent most of my adult life struggling with anxiety and depression. Over the years I had build up a wall to protect myself from being hurt, but I had also prevented myself from living.  I was broken, in pain and had no idea how to change. 

 Nevertheless the reality was, this pain was deep rooted and deeper than I had ever allowed myself to explore. Finally I came to the realization that it was ME. The time had come for me to face myself and begin the journey to become the

 woman I was destined to become.

I welcome you to experience Verity

- Marie 



 As a first timer and someone very hesitant to put myself in vulnerable situations, i was extremely surprised at how comfortable the atmosphere made me feel. Marie  ran the workshop, and what she shared about herself made me feel like i was in a safe place to share my life experiences that make me most uncomfortable. She makes you feel as if everything will be ok. Even though it was my first workshop, the level of comfort she gave me was like nothing else and i cannot wait until the next workshop.

—  Angela

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